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Speechify is the easiest way to listen to the world’s information. Articles on the web, documents in the cloud, books on your phone. We absorb it all and let you listen to it at your desk, on the go, at your own speed, and with tools that make learning easier, deeper, and faster.

What streaming services have done for audio entertainment, we’re doing for audio information. And whatever we’re doing seems to be working. We’re #1 in our category, and experiencing exponential growth.

We’ve created the top team of creators to grow our brand! That’s why we’re inviting all creators with a proven track record of applying to join our team. 

This job is for you if:

  • The idea of teaching others about how to use Speechify to read more and accomplish more in their lives gets you fired up.
  • You are passionate about reading, studying, work, personal productivity, etc.
  • You are high-energy, charismatic, friendly, and have a magnetic personality.
  • You are VERY comfortable on camera.
  • You’re a TikTok innovator.
  • You have made TikToks before and have a track record of getting concrete views.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Film, edit, and post multiple styles of videos, primarily for TikTok
  • Post 3+ times per day on our brand TikTok account, which you will own.
  • Moderate and support your community of followers by answering questions in real-time (through comments and TikToks), taking feedback for future videos, and more.
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and sounds so that you can leverage them in your content.
  • Build something meaningful from the beginning, share a product that is helping people every single day, and have a ton of fun both on and off TikTok.
  • Here’s what will make you a successful candidate and team member:
  • An excitement to be the face and voice of our brand on TikTok and to grow our TikTok presence from scratch.
  • An obsession with and a deep understanding of TikTok (and, more broadly, short-form video).
  • A solid grasp on what makes content resonate on TikTok: hooks, sounds, cuts, video length, entertainment value, etc.
  • An understanding of what makes beautiful visual content: lighting, shadows, frame, composure, etc.
  • A good human who enjoys working with other good humans.

Details and benefits:

  • This position is contract to start, with the goal of becoming a part-time Speechfiy TikTok Partner.
  • Assuming you’re a great teammate and consistently overdeliver, you’ll get to set your hours location however you see fit.
  • Cutting-edge learnings from the forefront of TikTok platform you won’t find anywhere else.

We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply for this job please visit boards.greenhouse.io.

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