Kerja Remote Newsletter #7

Kerja Remote Newsletter

Greetings Kerja Remote Enthusiasts,

Happy New Year and welcome to an exhilarating start to 2024! This is the first edition of this year’s Weekly Kerja Remote Newsletter, and it’s packed with excitement.

I’ve carefully hand-picked a selection of the finest remote job opportunities, from the heart of Malaysia to the far corners of the world. These jobs offer the flexibility to work from Malaysia and anywhere your heart desires.

Get ready for my top picks for remote job opportunities. Let’s embark on this remote working journey together and unlock new horizons in your career!

Let’s get started!

🌟 Remote Jobs For The 1st Week of January 2024

 sumsub logoRemote Digital Marketing Specialist [APAC] at Sumsub
 imageRemote Data Analyst [Worldwide] at Ancient Gaming
 datasnipper logoRemote Account Executive SEA [Malaysia] at DataSnipper
 renoir consulting logoRemote SEO Specialist [Malaysia] at Renoir Consulting Group
 conjointly logo 1Remote Account Manager [Malaysia] at Conjointly
 woonetwork logoRemote Senior Product Manager [Worldwide] at Woo Network
 fassethq logoRemote Senior Associates-Operations [Malaysia] at Fasset
 Remote Paid Ads Development Manager [APAC] at OKX
 prismplus logoRemote Customer Service Officer [Malaysia] at Prism+
ntegrity logoRemote Search Specialist [APAC] at ntegrity

📖 Latest Blog Posts 

Remote Job Stats 2024 for Malaysian Job Seekers

I’ve published one blog post on Kerja Remote in the 1st Week of January 2024

Remote Work Statistics for Malaysia [2024]: In my latest blog post on Kerja Remote, I’ve researched and added some of the crucial and important remote work statistics in Malaysia for the year 2024. This blog post also reveals the landscape of remote work and how it has evolved in Malaysia. 

I’ve compiled crucial data and trends that shed light on the growth of remote working in Malaysia. It’s an insightful read for anyone keen on understanding the dynamics of remote work in the Malaysian context.

For a more in-depth exploration, you can read the full post here

🛠️ Remote Working Tool of the Week

nTask: Online project management and team collaboration tool for remote teams.


nTask is a project and task management tool that helps users manage tasks and projects efficiently, allowing teams to get more done. It integrates seamlessly with several task management tools and services like Google Calendar and Slack for easy communication and scheduling.


  • Task and Project Management: Includes to-do lists, task estimates, start and end dates, sub-tasks, and dependencies
  • Multiple Work Views: Offers views in Gantt chart, calendar, board, list, and grid
  • Risk Management: Provides a risk register for identifying and documenting risks with assessment tools
  • Meeting Management: Capabilities to set up meeting agendas, manage meeting notes, follow-up items, and sync with calendars
  • Time Tracking: Built-in time tracking and manual timesheets with approval
  • Real-Time Notification: Email alerts and app notifications for project and task updates
  • Financial Tracking: Features for tracking project budgets and financial summaries.


  • Enhanced productivity: Streamline tasks and project management processes effectively
  • Visual Project Planning: Gantt charts and other visual tools aid in better planning and tracking of projects
  • Versatile Integration: Enhances functionality by integrating with popular third-party applications.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offers a cost-effective solution with a free plan for small teams and competitive pricing for advanced features.

Who is it for

nTask is ideal for small to midsize businesses, project managers, designers, marketers, NGOs, and freelancers. It’s particularly beneficial for those requiring unified solutions for task management, project management, and team collaboration.

Overall AssessmentnTasks is a solid option for an affordable, feature-rich project management tool. While it might lack some advanced features of industry leaders like or Asana, it offers excellent value for money with its comprehensive sets of features and user-friendly interface. However, it’s worth noting that its mobile app interface and performance should be improved, and the privacy settings are not as robust as some may like.

Don’t forget, if you’ve landed a job through Kerja Remote, I would love to hear your success story! Your journey could inspire countless others.

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Good luck with your remote job hunt!

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Keep hustling my fellow remote working enthusiasts!

Naven Pillai

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