Kerja Remote Newsletter #5

Kerja Remote Newsletter 5

Howdy Kerja-Remote Followers,

Hope all of you are doing great. Your weekly Kerja-Remote Newsletter is here, packed with some of the top remote jobs that you can do in Malaysia and Worldwide.

If you missed out on our weekly remote jobs roundups for October 2023, check them out below:

🌟 Featured Jobs of 1st Week of November 2023

🌐Worldwide Remote Jobs

Malaysia Remote Jobs

📖 Remote Articles

  • Everything That You Need to Know About Remote Work – If you’re serious about starting your remote career, make sure to read this article. The blog post lists every aspect you should know about remote work.
  • How to Land Remote Jobs with No Experience in 2023 – Job seekers without prior experience often face challenges applying for remote jobs. In this blog post, you can explore the pathways, strategies, and insider tips that can elevate your remote job applications.
  • Top 16 Remote Job Boards for Malaysia Job Seekers – Although the blog post focused on helping Malaysia job seekers, it still assist remote job seekers from other countries as well. In this blog post, I’ve listed the top 16 remote job boards that you should check out for legit and high quality remote jobs. I’ve also added a section on how to effectively filter and apply for worldwide remote jobs.

💡 Pro Tip of the Week

Create a work-life balance: It is essential to create a good work-life balance to avoid burnout. While allocating time for your work, you should also take time throughout the day to address your responsibilities outside of work. For example, it is important to have set work hours, it’s also important to attend to your kids, family obligations and other activities. You also need to give your mind and body time to rest.

🛠️ Remote Working Tool of the Week

Zoho Cliq: Remote Work & Remote Collaboration


Working remotely shouldn’t take away all the little quirks you enjoy about working in the office. From getting into work and greeting co-workers, to being able to easily check if someone is available for a discussion and taking a quick coffee break together, Zoho Cliq’s Remote Work makes sure you don’t miss out on little things.

Zoho Cliq is a team chat software, built to connect you with your team, no matter where you are.

  • Communication in real-time
  • Teamwork in channels
  • Meet your team on group audio or video calls
  • Broadcast company-wide announcements
  • Sync your calendar events
  • Follow up on tasks with reminders
  • Build custom bot assistants
  • Automate your workflows
  • Take action on messages

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Don’t forget! If you’ve landed a job through Kerja Remote, I would love to hear your success story! Your journey could inspire countless others.

To ensure your success,

Naven Pillai

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