Kerja Remote Newsletter #6

Kerja Remote Newsletter 6

Howdy Kerja Remote Followers,

I hope all of you are doing awesome. Your weekly Kerja Remote newsletter is here. As always, I’ve curated some of the top remote jobs from Malaysia and Worldwide.

If you’ve missed out on the previous newsletter, you can check it out below:

Kerja Remote Newsletter #5

🌟 Featured Jobs of 2nd Week of November 2023

🌐Worldwide Remote Jobs

Malaysia Remote Jobs

📖 Remote Articles  

I’ve published two articles on Kerja-Remote in the 2nd Week of November 2023.

  • How to Become A Remote WordPress Developer [2024] – A detailed guide for those aspiring to master WordPress development. This guide provides essential strategies, tools, and insights to build a successful career as a remote WordPress developer.

💡 Pro Tip of the Week  

Keep Learning and Upskilling

  • Identify Emerging Trends: Stay informed of your field’s latest trends and technologies. As a remote worker, you should be aware of the advancements in communication and collaboration tools, project management tools and productivity tools.
  • Online Courses and Certifications: Enroll in online courses or get certifications that are relevant to your job or industry. Explore platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and Linkedin Learning for various courses that can help you learn new skills or improve your skill sets.
  • Peer Learning: Connect with your colleagues and peers for mutual learning opportunities. Virtual study groups or skill-sharing sessions can help with learning the necessary skills.
  • Personal Projects: Work on personal or freelance projects that challenge you to apply new skills and tools, offering you the opportunity to apply practical solutions. For example, apart from my full-time job as a Regional Marketer, I’m working on a few side projects and Kerja Remote is one of them.

By continuously learning and upskilling, remote workers like you can stay competitive in the job market, adapt to changing work environments, and maintain your professional growth trajectory. And of course, you’ll get new remote job opportunities as well.

🛠️ Remote Working Tool of the Week Revolutionizing Focus, Sleep, and Relaxation Through Music emerges as a unique music streaming service that leverages neuroscience psychology, and AI to tailor audio experiences that can enhance your focus, sleep quality, and relaxation. It stands out with its science-based approach, backed by funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for impactful research in understanding the relationship between music and brain activity.

Brain FM image

Features & Benefits

  • Customized Audio based For Enhanced Mental States: Whether you’re looking for deep work. relaxation, or quality sleep, you will witness significant improvements in your ability to focus and relax. The neural phase-locking technology embedded in each audio track can synchronize brain activities, fostering the desired mental state.
  • Improved Productivity & Concentration: users, including those with ADHD, have shown improvements in concentration and productivity. It offers experiences of being “in the zone” more easily for extended periods.
  • Science-Driven Composition:’s music isn’t just soothing but is composed with a scientific understanding of how music affects brain waves. That’s why music results in a more effective enjoyable listening experience compared to standard music.

Who is it for? is ideal for remote workers, students, people working in distracting environments, or anyone seeking to enhance focus, sleep, and relaxation.

Overall Assessment of

Kerja Remote highly recommends for individuals looking to harness the power of music to improve their mental states and productivity. It is a blend of cutting-edge science and an enjoyable listening experience making it a valuable asset for those looking to boost their focus, relaxation and sleep quality.

Don’t forget! If you’ve landed a job through Kerja Remote, I would love to hear your success story! Your journey could inspire countless others.

Keep hustling my fellow remote working enthusiasts!

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